Journaling to help with STRESS

Journaling to help with STRESS

What is the last thing that has brought you stress? How are you responding to this stressor? Stress is your body's response to threats or challenges. Stressors activate our fight or flight response. This mode helps us to defend ourselves from possible danger by secreting hormones that give us energy to either fight or flee from the threat. The body does a great job helping us to survive, but if this system is constantly activated then it can have a great impact on our body function. 

You can start using journaling as a way to better manage your stressors.  Journaling provides a space and outlet for racing thoughts. There are various different styles of journaling, but our journals have journal prompts to further help make emotional and mental change. Journaling prompts can help you to reflect and refocus on your personal needs as compared to reacting to someone's unhealthy habit.  Dumping is another technique, which can help you to get out thoughts without concentrating on grammar or punctuation. Life stressors will always be there, why not use journaling to manage your response and interaction toward it. 

 When we relax our body then it will relax the mind, and vice versa.




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