Journaling to Heal

Journaling to Heal

Healing is the act of becoming sound or healthy again. Healing happens on so many levels and at many milestones. We desire healing because we don't want to continue to be uncomfortable and reactive toward our environment. When you heal you address your challenges despite it being uncomfortable for you or the other person. At times we forget that shutting down and avoiding is a reactive response, it is not always an anger outburst. These behaviors impact our mood and mental state. 

Reflective writing and goal setting prompts are beneficial in using journaling to heal. Spend time reflecting on your current patterns and routines while equally reflecting and exploring future desires. When you are consistent with journaling daily, naturally you will begin to notice patterns. Journaling during this stage may be expressive writing, durmping, daily check-ins, and diary entries. When thinking and exploring your future, journal prompts may look like goal setting, dreaming and mind mapping. These prompts strengthen your inner voice, which further aids in the healing process toward peace. Healing is going to get you to peace. Learn to listen to your inner voice. 



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